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Today, I’m walking through some tips to help keep you inspired as you’re planning the best outfit for your next brand shoot!



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A Cleveland brand photography experience as engaging, vibrant, and impactful as your business! 



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Jontell Vanessa is a Northeast Ohio based photographer blending strategy and passion to help brands make an impact. 

Welcome to the Jontell Vanessa Photography blog!

Lifestyle photography that tells your brand story. Serving brands in CLEVELAND, Ohio and beyond!

Today, I’m walking through some tips to help keep you inspired as you’re planning the best outfit for your next brand shoot!

Left: Black woman sitting at a table smiling at the camera, Right: Woman sitting on couch smiling at camera.

Meet Candace! She’s the owner of 2FoldBeauty and an Akron, Ohio based coach specializing in holistic well-being coaching services for women. With a background in nursing and a love for helping women embrace their true identity, Candace walks her clients through her signature coaching program that helps them gain more clarity and confidence. Candace reached […]

A few weeks ago, I had the privilege of collaborating with Dionne, the owner and coffee connoisseur behind Bold + Beautiful Coffee Bar. Our session was focused on her new loose leaf teas and we captured a few images of the main coffee line as well. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Bold + […]

Finding the right location for your brand session is a crucial part of the planning process! Your location can help set the tone, add character, bring color, great lighting, and add more engaging elements to your final photos. Whether you’re looking for a personal brand session or a larger commercial photoshoot, these three locations bring […]

Taneshia probably looks a bit familiar because I shared her product branding session on the blog earlier this year. We scheduled a refresh session as she was preparing for her upcoming Black Friday launch; this session was a bit different because Taneshia’s brand now offers a course that is accompanied by a guided journal. Our goal was to capture content that would help engagement during her launch process and the lifecycle of this new offering.

Woman sitting on a bench in her home looking into the distance

Meet Christa! On our initial call, I knew Christa had a special gift. Listening to her speak about her passion for empowering women was both exciting and encouraging. Christa is a self-help coach and she focuses on walking clients through their journey to joy; her mission is to help women live more joyful and harmonious […]

I’ve been excited to share Taneshia’s images for months! This blog post is unique because it combines a couple of sessions I did with Taneshia to highlight her company – Christian Entrepreneur Organization.

Ann runs Dynamic Healing Psychotherapy where she helps her clients heal from perfectionism, codependency, and low self-esteem so they can have a rewarding and enriching life. Talk about changing lives!! This was my first time capturing brand photos for a therapist (which I learned is a catch-all term, to be specific, Ann is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist).

Woman celebrating with a disco ball and confetti in front of pink backdrop.

It’s HERE! The new Jontell Vanessa Photography online home is LIVE!  I can’t believe I started this business almost eight years ago! Over the past eight years, JVP has grown in ways that I never could have imagined back in 2014. At the end of 2020, I started feeling a shift in the type of […]

I walk my JVP branding clients through a specific planning process that focuses on creating a personalized strategy for their session. Are you ready to finally have a collection of images that fit all of your marketing needs? Send me a message to grab one of my last few session slots for this quarter.

-Taneshia, Christian Entrepreneur Org.

She was so easy and calming to work with, as it was my first branding session. She led me throughout the way and the images are perfect! “

"I am certain that because Jontell got to know me and my brand up front, it allowed her to capture exactly what I wanted.

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