In the age when everyone is a business owner and when one viral moment is immediately overtaken by the next, making a real impact is harder than ever. It feels impossible to find fresh ways to draw in ideal clients, stick in their overstuffed minds, and inspire them to book or buy. But through eye-catching, genuine brand photography, we can make it happen!

In just a few short weeks, you can have a gallery full of creative brand photos that don’t look like awkward relics from middle school picture day. Imagine photos as professional as a Fortune 500 CEO’s headshot and as high-quality as an image cut from the pages of Forbes…but as flooded with personality as you are! 

You’ll find all that and so much more right here in the Jontell Vanessa Brand Photography experience! 



As a farmer’s market regular, chocolate chip cookie aficionado, and all-around marketing nerd, I know that the most minor details—from the shine of a fresh batch of strawberries to the pinch of salt in a cookie batch—are what take something from “good” to “great.” In a sea of same-same, the tiniest distinction makes the difference between a customer pulling out their credit card or walking away forever. The same goes for your branding photography! 

I’m driven to create images that truly impact the lives of my clients by helping build the businesses of their dreams. Because of this, I’ve thrown myself into the art of highlighting the qualities that make your business pop. Using these tools, we can make your brand pop! I specialize in discovering the uniqueness within your brand and then translating it into colorful, contemporary imagery. Best of all, with an eye for detail and a heart for your business, I’ll partner with you to customize a brand photography experience that feels as good as it looks! 

Brand photography is about so much more than an eye for style or a fancy camera. And I can’t wait to show you how!

Hey, there! I'm Jontell.





You could work with a trickle of less-than-ideal clients…

You could stick with the same dull stock images every other business owner uses…

It could be same-old-same-old...

Or you could charge forward confidently with VIBRANT MARKETING imageRY that SELLS YOUR DREAM clients in a fresh, new way!

Or you could attract a flood of dream clients who bring joy to your day!

Or you could have a unique online presence that stands out from the NOISE! 

or it could change everything!

You could try to take your business to the next level with images that don’t truly represent you or your brand…

-Camisha Coaching Co.  

"I love the outcome of my photos and have gotten so many compliments on how light, airy, and crisp they are.”

“She's extremely professional, provides direction, and knows exactly what she's doing behind the camera! 

I love propelling business owners like you into new, exciting phases of business. Let’s celebrate your brand’s personality with bright, captivating photography that sells! Ready to see how my signature brand photography experience can transform your business? 

Like a well-staged home,
eyecatching photography has the power to sell!

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