December 8, 2021

3 Steps to Create the Perfect Brand Shoot

Step one: Start by asking yourself the three key questions below.

  1. What elements are important to my overall visual “brand”?
  2. Who is my client avatar (target audience)?
  3. Where will I be using these images (website, social media, etc.)?

These three questions are important to answer because they help you recognize the purpose of your brand session. Understanding the type of photos you need is key to a successful session. Once you have an idea of what type of images you need and why you need them, it will be easier to start piecing together the smaller details.

Step two: Book a brand photographer who can capture your vision.

Your search can be based on the questions above. For example, if your brand is bright and joyful, find a photographer who reflects that style. There are a few other factors to consider too such as your photographer’s personality and their brand photography process. You’ll want to hire someone who makes you feel comfortable because we all know that stepping in front of the camera can feel a bit daunting. It’s also important to hire a photographer that will work closely with you to create a strategy and session plan that ensures you’ll get the images you need.

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Step three: Plan the session.

This may seem like an obvious step, but it’s the one people tend to forget. You can’t just book a session and show up in a cute outfit. The most successful brand sessions take a lot of planning! Planning lets you take control to ensure that your session actually creates the targeted imagery that your brand needs. Remember all those questions you asked yourself in step one? Plan how to make sure those are executed. If you want to appeal to adventurous clients, find a cool session location. If you’re planning to use the images on your social media, make sure you plan props that fit the general color scheme of your feed. There are lots of little details that can be brought into your session and being strategic about your planning process will help bring them all together seamlessly.

I walk my JVP branding clients through a specific planning process that focuses on creating a personalized strategy for their session. Are you ready to finally have a collection of images that fit all of your marketing needs? Send me a message to grab one of my last few session slots for this quarter.

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