November 18, 2021

Real Estate Branding Session | Colonial Beach | Sarah

I know that many people who work in real estate need standard professional headshots for their website and business cards. However, lately, I’ve been seeing a trend of more people within the industry choosing to create imagery that brings their personality front and center. I love that we got to create fun, professional photos for Sarah’s brand shoot in Colonial Beach.

Sarah’s personality is sweet and inviting. From the moment we started talking details, I knew one of my main goals was to showcase that in her new brand images. We started at the office in her Colonial Beach model home and focused on behind the scenes images that would tell the story of her work day. We even invited her family to join us for a few shots since they help with a lot of Sarah’s day to day tasks too! Then, we popped over to the cutest little home in Colonial beach complete with a cozy porch and adorable pink door. One of Sarah’s favorite colors is pink and it was so fun to be able to incorporate that into her session in a few ways.

Check out a few of my favorites from this Colonial Beach real estate branding session!

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