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Jontell Vanessa is a Northeast Ohio based photographer blending strategy and passion to help brands make an impact. 

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I love finding systems that will keep my business organized and allow me to focus on serving my clients well! If you’re in the creative industry, you’ve probably heard some buzz about HoneyBook. Well, friends, I’m here to confirm that HoneyBook truly lives up to all of the hype you hear. I wanted to take some time to share about reasons I use HoneyBook in my business. If HoneyBook interests you, I encourage you to sign up for a free trial of it here and test it out for yourself.

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First, let’s talk about customer relationship management software (CRM). If you’re a small business owner and you aren’t already using a CRM, I highly suggest you take the time to consider investing in one. A CRM is not only beneficial to you as a busy business owner, but it also makes things easier and more organized for your clients which strengthens their experience with you.

HoneyBook is both a CRM and project management software that I love because it allows users to track dozens of things. Here are just a few of the things I’m able to track using HoneyBook: inquiries/leads, contracts, invoices, payments, networking opportunities, email communication, appointments/session dates, tax information, and that’s just what I can think of off the top of my head.

Three ways I use HoneyBook to streamline my business:

Contract and Invoicing

Contracts and invoices are a huge part of the process for any business owner. With HoneyBook, I can make this step of the process easy for both me and my clients. Using their template feature, I’m able to prepare a proposal (contract and invoice) for clients in less than 5 minutes. After sending, it’s easy for my clients to review, ask follow-up questions, sign the contract, and pay – all within HoneyBook!

Bookkeeping and reporting

Y’all, this is a huge one! Keeping track of your income and expenses as a business owner is an incredibly important business task. Although I have a few different systems in place for accounting, I love that HoneyBook gives me a complete overview of all my business income (since I have all my clients pay through HoneyBook after they sign their contract). Every month, I can download a spreadsheet that outlines sales tax, processing fees, and other important numbers from the month. HoneyBook also connects with QuickBooks, my main accounting software, giving me a fast way to keep track of my income and expenses.


I actually met one of my sweet friends and branding clients on the HoneyBook networking page. I’ve also been able to connect with some local photographers for second shooting and styled shoot opportunities. Luckily, you don’t currently need a paid subscription to have access to this feature, so this is a great way to start exploring the features of HoneyBook before signing up.

*Customer service

I know I said three reasons, but while I was writing this post, I realized one of the best parts of HoneyBook is their amazing customer service. Any time I have a question, I always receive quick and efficient answers. There is also a wonderful HoneyBook Community on Facebook where people can bounce ideas, ask questions, and submit requests for new features. I love knowing that HoneyBook is constantly working to improve their product and provide a great user experience.

I’ve been using HoneyBook for about four years now and I’ve seen them add dozens of features to continue making their product better and better for their users. This post was just the surface of all the amazing features that come with HoneyBook, so I really encourage you to sign up for the free trial and explore everything yourself. If you want to save time and organize your business, you can use this link to try out HoneyBook (and then receive 50% off your first month or year when you sign up). Additionally, if you have any questions, my inbox is always open!

-Taneshia, Christian Entrepreneur Org.

She was so easy and calming to work with, as it was my first branding session. She led me throughout the way and the images are perfect! “

"I am certain that because Jontell got to know me and my brand up front, it allowed her to capture exactly what I wanted.

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