January 7, 2021

Richmond Branding Photography | Sun & Selene

I’m excited to introduce you to Sun & Selene on the blog today! Sun & Selene is a Richmond, Virginia jewelry company owned and operated by Brittanny & Stephen. Their pieces are inspired by astrology and ancient mythology; all of the jewelry is handcrafted in the studio using recycled metals and natural gemstones.

My favorite part of brand photography is having the opportunity to learn more about everything that goes on behind the scenes of a business. Since Brittanny does all of her own product photography (and it looks beautiful!), our session was focused on capturing images that would showcase the hard work that goes into each piece of jewelry. It was incredibly fascinating to watch Brittanny & Stephen go through their design process. They put in an intense attention to detail for every single step. I loved having the opportunity to capture all of the passion and heart that goes into their lovely jewelry!

You can find Sun & Selene’s pieces online and at their atelier in Richmond. Be sure to head over to their website to check out the current collections.

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