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Hi friends! It’s Jasmine Lowery here from Agape Love Events. I’m OVERJOYED that my sweet friend Jontell would allow me to speak with you all about why all bridal couples should invest in a day-of/month-of wedding coordinator for your wedding celebration!

As the owner of a wedding & event planning company that specializes in day-of coordination I’ve heard time and time again how much of a gift my services were for my clients, as well as all their vendors.

 Photo by M Harris Studios Photo by M Harris Studios

 Image by J&D Photo Image by J&D Photo

Often times my clients hire my team and I around 6-8 months prior to their wedding celebration. We step in around 60-90 days prior to their wedding celebration and begin the “tying up the loose ends” process. At this point, they have pretty much planned most major details for their celebration but need support with those final teeny tiny details. Those “loose ends” may include finding vendors that fall into their budget and fit their style or creating an in-depth timeline and floor plan. There honestly isn’t a problem too big or too small we haven’t supported our clients find a solution for.

The timeline:

One of my personal favorite aspects of providing day-of/month-of coordination services for our bridal couples is creating an in-depth timeline for their special day. The timeline is a visual representation of how our couples envision their special day flowing. Whether they want a first look, grand entrance, parent dances or to only focus on partying the night away at their reception- my team and I are prepared to knit those details into their wedding schedule.

Taking the weight off the bride’s shoulders:

We not only knit it into the schedule but also are prepared to execute their vision in excellence. Our couples have raved about how wonderful it was that they could really be in the moment on their special day verses worrying about the “behind the scenes” details. There are also a lot of couples who express that they LOVED their parents didn’t have to run around on their wedding day trying to keep things in order. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy being in the moment and connecting with friends and family during one of the most precious moments in their lives (or their child’s life)!?

I too was a bride once (back in 2013). My husband and I are still amazed at how much fun we had on our wedding day. It ended up raining and we couldn’t have our outdoor ceremony but it didn’t seem like a beat was skipped. Our coordinator stepped in and kept our wedding celebration rolling. It literally was a breath of fresh air to know there was someone advocating for me and my hubby to ensure we had our dream wedding. So when my bridal couples write sweet reviews about my company’s services it literally brings me to tears because I have been in their shoes before.

So with all of that said, here is a quick recap of why you most definitely should invest in a professional day-of/month-of coordinator for your wedding celebration.

  • You get support with tying up loose ends and figuring out all of those teeny tiny details before you tie the knot

  • A professional coordinator will curate your wedding timeline based on how you want your day to flow

  • You and your family can feel like “guest” at your wedding celebration verses worrying about the behind the scenes details

  • On the day of your wedding celebration there is a professional coordinator ready and available to manage your wedding celebration

You’ve invested so much time and energy into planning the wedding celebration of your dreams. Why not allow yourself to have peace of mind knowing it’ll all come together as you envisioned by hiring a professional wedding coordinator!!

Cheers and congrats to all of your newly engaged couples!! Thanks again Jontell for this beautiful opportunity to chat with your bridal couples!

Jasmine “Jazz” Lowery – Owner + Lead Planner/Florist at Agape Love Events https://www.agapeloveevents.com/


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