July 1, 2021

Downtown Richmond Branding Session | Camisha

“Chic, faithful, real, urban, and unique” are a few of the words Camisha used to describe her brand when we were discussing her session plan. As a relationship coach, she wanted to highlight how her style and approach to coaching are unique. Camisha had a really clear picture of her ideal client, so we were able to craft images that would help her connect with them through her key brand elements.

To create a look that was unique and relatable, we decided to shoot in downtown Richmond. We started in her office space to capture some work focused elements of her business like podcast creation and behind the scenes of her client workflow. Then, we explored some streets and alleys of downtown RVA for some shots that showcased more of Camisha’s personality.

I love every single photo we captured for her session. I’m excited for Camisha’s clients and online audiences to connect with her through these images!

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