July 9, 2020

Microwedding at Morais Vineyards | Bealeton, Virginia

2020 has been an interesting year for couples who are wedding planning. The pandemic put the wedding industry in new territory which has led to the rise of microweddings.

What is a microwedding? Essentially, it’s a smaller wedding – either with a smaller guest count or shorter wedding day events. This allows couples to keep their wedding date while adhering to Covid-19 safety measures. You’ve probably also heard the terms minimony and elopement being used extensively this year. Whatever the term, these new wedding styles are gaining popularity as couples change their wedding plans.

Microweddings definitely require couples to pivot from their original plans, but a microwedding still allows for a fun, safe way to celebrate with your closest friends and family. The Morais Vineyards microwedding below showcases just how fun a small, intimate wedding can still be!

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