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Jontell Vanessa is a Northeast Ohio based photographer blending strategy and passion to help brands make an impact. 

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“If you lost everything today, what would you be most thankful for?”

My newest obsession is the show Fear{less} hosted by Tim Ferris. I normally try to use talks and interviews as background noise while getting work done, but I always end up being captivated by the conversations on Fear{less}. The most recent episode I watched was an interview with Blake Mycoskie, the founder of Toms. I highly recommend this episode/ interview! It really highlighted how all of Mycoskie’s failures were the very building blocks that led him to Toms. 

One of the audience questions asked: “If you lost everything today, what would you be most thankful for?” The first thing I thought of was what my own personal answer would be: my friends and family. Simple. Blake’s answer managed to stick with me though, he said: “I don’t believe I could lose everything today.” Okay, I’ll be honest, my first thought was what a haughty, modern entrepreneur answer that was, but then he continued by explaining that he was thankful for the people he’s met and the people who have shaped his life – he’s thankful for experiences and those can’t ever be taken away.

And with that, I can reshape my answer a little bit. I could technically lose everything today, but I will never lose the moments I have with my friends, family and even the clients I get to meet. Those will stick with me forever. The past four years of college have created memories that will stick with me for a lifetime. This little business that started on a whim and turned into one of my greatest accomplishments could end tomorrow, but I’ll never forget the weddings, the laughter, and the genuine joy that I’ve had the opportunity to witness.

Today, I hope you reflect on your own experiences. The ones that have shaped your life and led you to the very person you are today. I hope those experiences inspire you to run towards the things you love and continue creating a life you can never lose.




-Taneshia, Christian Entrepreneur Org.

She was so easy and calming to work with, as it was my first branding session. She led me throughout the way and the images are perfect! “

"I am certain that because Jontell got to know me and my brand up front, it allowed her to capture exactly what I wanted.

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