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Engaging Product Photography for Impactful Brands

Jontell Vanessa Photography specializes in colorful lifestyle product imagery for engaging and impactful brands. Your product photos need to make a lasting impression! Imagine trying to learn the quirks of camera settings and the psychology of marketing between checking to-dos off your mile-long list. As a fellow small business owner, I’ve experienced that overwhelming, million-direction tug on the journey toward a thriving business. Luckily, you don’t have to become a photography expert to have marketing imagery that captivates your ideal clients. 

Through my product photography experience, you’ll get to encounter the transformation that will come when you finally have professional, engaging marketing content intentionally crafted to meaningfully connect you with the clients of your dreams. 

Elevate your business and brand.

An elevated Photography Experience

Product Photography collections are curated to capture engaging, impactful still life imagery for product-based businesses. A detailed and hands-on approach brings your vision together to create consistent, high-quality images that can be used across your marketing platforms. You’ll receive images that elevate your brand by connecting you with customers you love! 

Vibrant Lifestyle Product Photography

Collection 01.

Each collection includes: 
-Consult via phone or email
-Idea mapping & product research
-Sourcing props & backdrops/locations
-Visual mood board
-Online gallery with high resolution final images

I can’t wait to chat! Send a message through the contact form and tell me more about your product. I’ll send over detailed pricing information and we’ll schedule a discovery call to get your questions answered!

I’m ready for fresh product photos! How do I get the process started?

Of course! I have a few discounted options available for business owners who would like to combine their branding and product sessions.

Can I do a brand and product shoot together? 

Yes! The majority of my clients are outside of the Richmond area and choose to mail their products in to be photographed. Clients are responsible for all shipping costs.

Do you work with brands outside of the Richmond area? 

I recommend reaching out as soon as you know you’ll need products. It will take us a few weeks to plan your session and get everything set-up for your shoot day. I generally work with first time clients for about 4-6 weeks from inquiry to gallery delivery day. 

When should I book my product session? 

We can work together to continue creating consistent imagery for your brand! I have a few options available based on the frequency and style of images you’ll need. 

Do you have membership packages? 

Generally, I shoot in an RVA studio space to ensure the best lighting. However, we can definitely make an on-location shoot happen for your products. 

Do you shoot on-location? 

Frequently Asked Questions

-Taneshia, Christian Entrepreneur Org.

On top of her quality work, she’s such a sweet person! I will definitely be booking her again and again and again!”

“I couldn’t be happier with the photos that I received. I would absolutely recommend working with her for your photography needs. 

I love propelling business owners like you into new, exciting phases of business. Let’s celebrate your brand’s personality with bright, captivating photography that sells! Ready to see how my signature brand photography experience can transform your business? 

Like a well-staged home,
eyecatching photography has the power to sell!