September 1, 2017

Let’s Talk Goals | Charlottesville, Virginia Photgrapher


I want to own a full-time photography business by the time I’m 25! There, I said it.

Believe it or not, very few people know about that goal because I’ve kept it tucked away for safekeeping. What if I change my mind? What if I fail? I thought of every reason to keep this goal to myself and then throw some confetti – party of one – when I reached it.

Recently, I purchased Laura Casey’s 6-month Powersheets just in time to wrap up the end of the year. It’s a 6-month intentional goal planner that really encourages you to dig into the heart behind your goals and to actually create action plans that will help you see results along the way. Instead of focusing on checking boxes off your list, this planner has helped me focus on cultivating meaningful goals.



I’ve learned two heart-changing things about digging deep into goals over these past few months:

1)    It’s okay to fail – This isn’t a new or massive realization, but raise your hand if fear has held you back from going after something you want. *Yes, both of my hands are high in the air.* The fear of failure is crippling, but look at any entrepreneur and watch them crush that fear every single day. Failure is always (literally ALWAYS) a learning experience or maybe a change in direction…and that’s more than okay. We are not the sum of our failures.

2)  Sharing your goals is important (…in case you were wondering about the point of this blog post…) –  For a long time, I feared sharing my main business goal because I didn’t want people to know when I failed to reach it. Maybe I’ll change my mind in a year or maybe it will take me until I’m 30 to be a full-time business owner. It doesn’t matter! I’ve decided that accountability and encouragement are so much sweeter than the fear that was forcing me to walk this journey alone. Plus, it’s more fun to celebrate your wins with people who know how hard you worked along the way!

Friends, today I hope you dream up those big, scary goals and run towards them with determination and more faith than fear. Comment below or send me a message; I’d love to know what you’re working towards so I can encourage you too!


 Image by my lovely friend, Victoria Elaine Photography.  Image by my lovely friend, Victoria Elaine Photography.



  1. Manali says:

    YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I literally can’t wait to see how you grow your business in the next couple of years 🙂 Your work is beautiful and I’ve seen you do such an amazing job with couples in person, I know you’re gonna be able to fulfill this goal & you shouldn’t be scared to tell ALL the people because it’s gonna happen!!!

  2. Victoria says:

    I literally love this so freaking much. Actually tearing up rn. So, so, SO proud of you sweet friend!! ❤ You are so talented and I have no doubt will reach those scary, wonderful, big dreams of yours! You inspire me to keep reaching for mine too. Love you!

  3. Marg says:

    You are on the money with your "share your goals" idea. My friends don’t hesitate to ask about my business, and that really helps keep me focused.

  4. YASS!! Girl, I’m cheering you on so hard!! I’m so wildly proud of and in awe of you for sharing this goal out loud! And I believe in you with my whole heart! You got this xoxo

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