May 4, 2017

Wedding Season Goals & Updates

Hey friends! My wedding season actually started in the beginning of March, but I’m just now getting around to figuring out some things I’d like to work on throughout the season. Better late than never, right? 

1.     Shoot tighter

I love wide shots because they’re breathtaking when you have the right background and last wedding season I stayed a little too in love with them. As I discover that I love images with a more romantic feel, I want to shoot tighter (thank goodness for the 85mm & personal space) in order to really create the style that I’m looking for.

2.     Be more intentional with prayer time on wedding days

I remember the first wedding I second shot with Kimmie. I was SO nervous. I remember just praying with a cup of coffee in my hand as I got ready that morning; now, several weddings later, whether I’m a lead or a second, I love to just pray over the day. It’s probably one of the most important things I do to prep for a wedding. Over time, these prayers have turned into quick car prayers since I’m usually triple checking lists on a wedding morning. This season, I’d love to be more intentional about that time instead of rushing through it five minutes before I enter the bridal suite.

 Wedding Day Essentials. 

Wedding Day Essentials. 

Other May goals:

1.     Survive finals season. This one doesn’t need an explanation.

2.     Complete the REBRAND!

That’s right! There are some super fun things happening behind the scenes right now and I’m so excited to unveil everything in June. I’ve been working with Paper Dolls Design to help bring my vision to life for my brand refresh and I’ve also been planning some fun Charlottesville inspired shoots to really focus in on my style. I can’t wait to show you everything…but there may be a small logo sneak peek at the end of this post…

I’ll be honest with you all – getting all of my end of the year assignments done on top of trying to re-brand and prep for summer weddings has been stressful…to say the least. However, there’s something special about seeing deadlines and knowing that beautiful things are coming together. I’m excited to finish this third year of college while continuing to expand my business! 



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