December 6, 2016

One Short Day in New York City | Jontell Vanessa Travels

Yes, the title is a reference to Wicked – my favorite Broadway musical. If you caught that reference before I said it, let’s be best friends! It’s also pretty literal considering I spent last Saturday traveling to and from New York City for a day trip. It was my first time visiting and as you can guess, my heart has been won over and I can’t wait to go back to the city.

I’ve always been fascinated with big cities. There’s something special about the atmosphere – the skyscrapers, the food, the hustle and bustle, the inspiration. Any creatives out there know what I’m talking about? Although I love being a homebody more than anything, I love the heart that comes with big city life. The beginning of my photography journey (another blog post for another day, friends) can be attributed to walking around Dayton, Ohio photographing random buildings and have the time of my life while doing it. I’ve always been in awe of cities, but I’ve been obsessed with all things NYC since as long as I can remember. From Broadway to Times Square, I’ve wanted to explore every piece of the city that never sleeps, but I’ve never found the time to go. Side note: Shout out to New York City brides, I’d love to come photograph your wedding.

This past weekend, we traveled up to New York for a day and explored a little bit of the city. Although I have SO much more I want to go back to see, I loved getting to explore the with some family and friends. We started with lunch in Chinatown and ended the night with some shopping in Times Square. New York City captured my heart before I visited and something about it has me ready to run back. Who knows, maybe I’ll have the chance to call it home one day.

Enjoy some random, touristy pictures from the trip.

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