March 16, 2016

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I can finally scream it from the rooftops: I’m a Media Studies major! I need to begin this post by saying that I can’t believe I’m almost halfway done with college. Make it stop!

These past two years have taught me a lot about relying on God’s timing. When I applied for college, everything seemed to make sense and nothing was going to stop me from reaching my goal of working at the top of a Fortune 500 company. That was my idea of success. Then, somewhere along the way, I realized that dream wasn’t necessarily unrealistic, but it wasn’t what my heart truly desired. It was a culmination of all the pressure I’d ever put on myself. The pressure to be a straight “A” student, the pressure to fit into our materialistic society, and the pressure to live up to the expectations of those around me. When I got accepted to the University of Virginia, everyone told me how UVA was a wonderful school, so I placed a mountain of pressure on myself to be the model UVA student. This meant getting the best grades, having the top leadership positions, and getting into one of the most prestigious public business schools in the nation.

I still have friends who are on that track and I am SO happy for them. They are chasing their dreams and fighting for their goals. I admire them for seeing what they want in the future and putting in the long hours for it now; they’re going after what they want.  After starting my business, I realized that God had a different plan for me and that plan was definitely going to make me a lot happier. For so long, I had tried to have all of the control, but I had to let go and have faith in what the Lord has promised. In the end, His plan is the right one, no matter how hard I want to fight for what I think I need. 

After many long talks in coffee shops and hours of planning possible alternatives, I confidently changed my course of study. The courses that I actually enjoyed were Media Studies courses. It is work that I will enjoy in college (as much as one can enjoy all of the reading that comes with social sciences) and knowledge that I can apply to many different fields after graduation. After applying to the major and being overly anxious for two weeks, I’m officially a Media Studies and Sociology major at the University of Virginia. This has been a journey (to say the least), but if it weren’t for the ups and downs, I wouldn’t have been reminded of God’s grace and timing. Letting go and having faith was not easy, but now I can stand firm and know that I’m on the right path. There are so many amazing things to come.

In other news, Jontell Vanessa Photography is finally entering into wedding season! Winter months have allowed me to work on the back end of my business, but my camera is ready for all of the beautiful love stories that I’ll be celebrating over the next several months.  This past weekend, I planned my very first wedding styled shoot and it was a SUCCESS. I can’t wait to share the images because I want to rave about the all of the AMAZING vendors who contributed to this shoot.

So many fun things have happened in the past few weeks and I can’t wait to get some more of these pretty spring session on the blog for you all to see. Enough about ME, tell me about YOU! Leave a comment or email me ( to tell me a little more about some of your big or small victories. I can’t wait to hear from you!

Photos by Kristina Marie Photography 





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